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Welcome to R&B Supply Co. Inc.


Welcome to the R & B Supply Co. Inc. Customer-Friendly Website. This website is designed with you in mind. You will find a full range of products for your industrial and personal requirements faster and more conveniently.

You can now make quicker, more accurate and price considerate decisions facilitating more cost effective and time saving purchases. You can rely on our prompt and reliable service to bring you the tools you need and want.

We have also put together equipment that service a wide array of industries and individual uses. Our long years of supplying companies and businesses with equipment have put us on the map in terms of a most reliable distributor for our manufacturers, earning us marked advantages on the products we carry. And those advantages and savings we pass unto you.

Click on the top buttons for going over information on our company. The buttons on the left are for you to navigate the website in search of the tools you need. Have fun in your search and purchases...

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